AASP/NJ is proud to announce the return of Collision P.R.E.P. (Professional Repairer Education Program)
to NORTHEAST 2020!

Presented by the Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA)
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NOTE: All Collision P.R.E.P. events are held at the Holiday Inn Secaucus Meadowlands, just steps away from the expo center!

FRIDAY, MARCH 20 | Show Hours: 5pm – 10pm

3:00p | Room: Meadowlands 1
OEM Workshop: Ford Discusses Accessing Repair Information, Collision Sectioning Procedures for Aluminum
[Gerry Bonanni, Senior Engineer, Paint and Body Repair, Ford Motor Company; Adam Gair, FCSD Collision Technical Operations Manager, Ford Motor Company; Pete Fryzel, I-CAR Instructor]
This workshop, presented by Ford Motor Company in cooperation with I-CAR®, is intended to provide a variety of useful information about Ford vehicles, technological advancements and collision repairs. It will overview Ford’s collision philosophy, review current product lines, navigate the repair website, identify the most frequent types of damage on Ford vehicles and discuss the latest collision repair methods for Ford vehicles. We will demonstrate how to access several Ford websites during the workshop, so we encourage you to bring a laptop computer or tablet with you.

5:00p | Room: Meadowlands 1
Option 1) Test Drives Done Right! Why and How to Perform, Manage, Document and Get Paid for Test Drives
[Frank Terlep]
In this session, industry veteran Frank Terlep will share why today’s test drives are now a critical repair process, introduce new ways to perform, manage, document and get reimbursed for test drives and dynamic calibrations and provide each attendee with test drive checklists for 18 vehicle manufacturers.

5:00p | Room: Essex/Hudson
Option 2) Tackling Online Storefront Presence for the Collision Repair Business
[Bill Enross, cPrax Marketing]
In this fast moving presentation, we’ll talk about how have an effective website that gets found locally, promotes your skillsets and/or certifications, and how to get good reviews or respond to negative reviews.

5:00p | Room: Union/Warren
Option 3) Positioning Your Business for Sustainability Among Constant Change
[John Shoemaker, Business Development Manager, BASF]
Adapting to the ever-changing landscape of collision repair is a must to ensure lasting profitability. Exploring the ways that sustainability can be achieved, this session will dive into industry changes, how to be forward thinking, looking for constant improvement, embracing training, developing certifications and best practices. Emphasis will be given on damage appraisal documentation, validating processes through education, consistency and how to differentiate yourself. *This class is AMI accredited.

7:00p | Room: Meadowlands 1
Utilizing the Vehicle Owner’s Manual to Educate Consumers and Insurers, and Special SCRS Blueprint Optimization Tool Preview
[Mike Anderson, Collision Advice; Danny Gredinberg, DEG]
Have you ever thought about reviewing the vehicle owner’s manual before writing an estimate or before processing the vehicle in your repair facility? In this course, Collision Advice shares with you some of the golden nuggets found within the owner’s manuals. Educate the vehicle owner as to why their vehicle may not be drivable or may need seat-belt inspection, OEM repair procedures, and more! Plus, check out the SCRS Blueprint Optimization Tool and how it can advance the knowledge and efficiency of estimators by suggesting missed or not-included items!

SATURDAY, MARCH 21 | Show Hours: 10am – 5pm

10:00a | Room: Meadowlands 1
Option 1) Getting and Staying Certified – OEM Repair Requirements and Relationships Intertwined
[Dave Gruskos, Reliable Automotive Equipment; K. Michael Bradshaw, K&M Collision]
How to build and maintain relationships with sponsoring dealers. Key factors in being a true partner, maintaining quality, navigating equipment and more.

10:00a | Room: Union/Warren
Option 2) How to Control the Money In Your Collision Business in 2020
[Matt Winslow, ATI]
Many shop owners invest countless hours trying to make money, but have virtually nothing to show for their efforts in the long run. Join Matt Winslow of the Automotive Training Institute (ATI) to uncover secrets wildly successful shop owners use to dramatically increase their cash flow, operating capital, and spendable income. Discover how to create an effective business plan that gives you the income you deserve to enjoy the good life, and the wealth you need to retire with financial security.

10:00a | Room: Essex/Hudson
Option 3) Commonly Missed Items in Estimating – SCRS Blueprint Optimization Tool utilization
[Danny Gredinberg, DEG]
Danny Gredinberg of the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) will provide information on how to document your estimate while utilizing free resources. Attendees will also receive a preview of the SCRS Blueprint Optimization Tool and see what automation of commonly missed operations can look like. You’ll leave with an understanding of what the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) is and how to use it for added value to your repair facility.

12:30p | Room: Meadowlands 1
The Life of a Certified Repairer: An In-Depth Panel Discussion with Nationally-Known Certified Repairers

[Various panelists]
Nationally known leaders in the certified repair space will be discussing as a panel the various aspects of OEM certification implementation, personal hurdles and successes.

3:00p | Room: Essex/Hudson
Option 1) Documenting for Repair Process and Liability, Building a Bulletproof File, and Improving Processes Over Time
[Mark Olson, VECO Experts]
Giving insight to liability, Mark will show you how to make a Bulletproof File that includes all necessary documentation and ability to research past repairs. He will also feature how to improve process and culture over time, while stressing the importance of OEM procedures.

3:00p | Room: Meadowlands 1
Option 2) Structural Identification for Profitability – Knowing and Understanding Structural Damage
[Kelly Logan, Car-O-Liner; Ron Reichen, Precision Body & Paint]
Filling the gap on structural damage operations; modern day vehicle diagnosis. More to come!

3:00p | Room: Union/Warren
Option 3) Build Great People: Creating an In-House Technician Development Program
[Charlie Whitaker, Akzo Nobel]
It is no secret that in the collision repair marketplace today, finding skilled technicians has become increasingly difficult. It is no longer an option to just grab another person when one of your existing technicians does not work out the way you had hoped. Embrace the idea that you can control your current and future labor resource needs by creating your own self developing workforce. Take the first step in becoming an employer of choice by creating a transparent internal self-directed development plan and define the career path for all production technicians regardless of their individual level of proficiency when they enter your organization.

5:00p | Room: Meadowlands 1
The Wide World of ADAS: Panelist Discussion of Advancements in Safety Systems, Diagnostics and Calibrations
[Various panelists]
Discussion amongst industry experts about the changing level of importance of safety systems to the overall repair. Understanding the future of calibrations, system integrations… More to come!

SUNDAY, MARCH 22 | Show Hours: 10am – 3pm

10:00a | Room: Meadowlands 1
Option 1) Vehicle Diagnostics & Calibrations: Know What you Know…but More Importantly, What You Don’t Know
[Aaron Clark, VP-Strategic Initiatives; Chuck Olsen, SVP-Automotive Technology; Josh McFarlin, VP-Strategic Business Operations – AirPro Diagnostics]
Confucius said…to know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge. John Locke said…no man’s knowledge can go beyond his experience. The presenters of this topic will illustrate and reinforce the importance of both statements relative to vehicle diagnostics and calibrations and the proliferation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles manufactured today. The amount of knowledge, information, and misinformation (or myth-information) on the subject is staggering. Collision repair owner/operators, management staff and technicians must either know and perform what is necessary and required for every manufacturer, every vehicle, every time (or utilize a service provider who does) which is a daunting and often misunderstood. This fact based session will help to prepare shop owners, managers and technicians for success when encountering new vehicles and ensuring compliance to manufacturer specifications.

10:00a | Room: Essex/Hudson
Option 2) Safety System Alignment: A New Focus on Body Shop Profitability
[Paul Stern, Sales Manager, Liftnow Automotive Equipment]
This seminar will discuss the evolution of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), such as lane departure and adaptive cruise control and the importance of calibrating and resetting these systems post-collision. The seminar also discusses the profitability that body shops can enjoy from participating and specializing in these new industry trends, as well has how to navigate challenging insurance company dynamics to get paid for their services. The attendee will leave with an understanding of the history, evolution, and future of advanced driver assist systems; an understanding of the importance and nuances of properly recalibrating these systems in order to restore the fully safety functionality to the vehicle’s pre-collision condition; new insights and strategies on how they can profit from performing these new and critical procedures, and will learn how to educate insurance companies on the importance of this new technology to ultimately get paid.

10:00a | Room: Union/Warren
Option 3) Tackling Online Storefront Presence for the Collision Repair Business
[Bill Enross, cPrax Marketing]
In this fast moving presentation, we’ll talk about how have an effective website that gets found locally, promotes your skillsets and/or certifications, and how to get good reviews or respond to negative reviews.

Online registration opens January 31!!