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FRIDAY, MARCH 18 (show hours: 5pm-10pm)

The Continuing Tech Shortage: How Do We Fix It? PANEL DISCUSSION
Panelists: Brandon Eckenrode (Collision Repair Education Foundation); Keith Egan (Betag North America); Paul Hill (I-CAR); Bart Mazurek (CCC Intelligent Solutions); Greg Settle (Techforce); Moderated by Michael Bonsanto (Passaic County Technical Institute and I-CAR)

One of the most pressing – and frustrating – issues affecting the automotive repair industry today is the lack of qualified help entering it. Collision repair has changed tremendously over the years; so too must our thinking in attracting and retaining qualified employees. Panelists will discuss market trends contributing to the ongoing tech shortage and how we got here, and will identify avenues to lure in new staff to the industry and encourage them to stick with it through support, education, communication and awareness.

Beyond Blueprinting to GUIDING the REPAIR PROCESS
Presented by Timothy Morgan (Spanesi Americas, Inc.) and John Shoemaker (BASF)
This course, geared toward technicians and managers, focuses on properly implementing process for vehicle intake in order to minimize cycle times while improving facility efficiencies and process.

Topics for discussion:
• What makes a Blueprinting Area Efficient?
• Process Identification for Blueprinting
• Replace vs. Repair Basics
• Matching Parts
• Processing of Vehicles
• Measuring for a Complete Repair Plan
• Moving the Repair Process with Minimal Interruptions

Accessing Ford Repair Information, Collision Sectioning Procedures for Aluminum
Presented by Gerry Bonanni (Senior Engineer, Paint and Body Repair, Ford Motor Company)
This workshop will briefly overview Ford’s collision philosophy and current product lines, before identifying the most frequent types of damage on Ford vehicles. We will then dive into navigating Ford Resources and discussing the latest collision repair methods.
Ford will demonstrate how to access several collision repair resources during the workshop, so we encourage you to bring a laptop computer or tablet with you!

• Ford’s Collision Strategy
• Repair Procedure Website Information
• Technical Resources – Ford Crash Parts Site
• Body Construction Materials
• Non-Structural Repairs
• Partial Replacement Repairs
• Fixed Glass Replacement
• Safety Restraints
• Aluminum F-Series Collision Repair Overview
• Current model Mach-E Overview
• Current model Bronco Overview

SATURDAY, MARCH 19 (show hours: 10am-5pm)

Managing the Customer’s Experience
Presented by Lee V. Rush, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes)

Business improvement in these uncertain times requires a different focus and approach.
Now is the right time to improve your customer service model by utilizing the powerful principles of “Managing the Customer’s Experience.” Collision repair shops can raise their Customer Service Index (CSI) scores and gain a competitive advantage in their markets by “managing the customer’s experience.” The fundamentals of this workshop are applicable to every aspect of the customer service and will truly change your traditional thinking of how to manage the entire customer’s experience. Once you are armed with these principles and simple tools, you will be able to change the way your organization operates and performs forever!

Topics covered:
• The driving factors behind the experiential service economy in collision today
• Differentiating yourself from your competitors
• Establishing a proven method for providing the value desired by each customer
• Exploring creative ways to improve your customer’s experience
• Increasing customer referrals building a strong brand based on customer service excellence
• Applying simple processes that improves the effectiveness of your customer facing staff

Who Should Attend?
Shop Owners, Production Managers, Customer Service Representatives and Estimators.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Mastering the Appraisal Clause
Panelists: Charles Bryant (AASP/NJ); Robert McDorman (Auto Claims Specialists); Barrett Smith (Auto Damage Experts, Inc.); John Walcuk, (ZB Negotiations); Moderated by: Joel Gausten

The appraisal clause, or right to appraisal, allows policyholders to demand an appraisal of loss when there is a disagreement on the amount of loss. The consumer’s policy dictates the responsibility of their carrier; yet, collision repair facilities are often placed in the position of either writing off losses due to low repair costs, or sacrificing the quality of repairs. Learn how the Appraisal Clause can be utilized as a shop resource to improve customer satisfaction and retention, while also resolving loss disputes in a fair, timely and cost-effective manner.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Labor Rate 2022 & Beyond: How to Get What You’re Worth
Panelists: Jerry McNee (AASP/NJ); Lucky Papageorg (AASP/MA); Burl Richards (ABAT); Barrett Smith (Auto Damage Experts, Inc.); Sam & Richard Valenzuela (National AutoBody Research); Moderated by: Joel Gausten

No issue affecting the automotive repair industry has received as much attention, debate, legislative activity and vitriol as the Labor Rate. While all costs associated with operating a collision repair facility continue to skyrocket, a stagnant or suppressed Labor Rate prevents shops from attracting new talent or investing in their business. Hear from repair professionals around the country as they discuss real-world experiences, past, present and future initiatives to address the Labor Rate crisis, and share insights on how shops can advocate to promote the success of repair professionals as a whole.

Presented by: Timothy Morgan (Spanesi Americas, Inc.) and Chuck Olsen (AirPro Diagnostics)

With ADAS, calibration and computer diagnostics being the BUZZ in our industry, this seminar will guide technicians and managers on a path to find the productive, correct direction to facilitate these repairs either internally or using a qualified sublet system.

Topics for discussion:
• The importance of proper diagnosis of vehicle structure as it relates to calibration
• Structural measuring prior to wheel alignment and calibration
• Tools for re-calibration relating to vehicle structure
• Where do we find diagnostic information?

SUNDAY, MARCH 20 (show hours: 10am-3pm)

Panelists: Nick Barbera (ADAS Diagnostics/Union Collision); Bud center (I-CAR); George Lesniak (Autel); Eric Newell (AirPro Diagnostics); Frank Terlep (Auto Techcelerators, LLC); Moderated by: Joel Gausten

The number of vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) continues to grow daily, with trends pointing toward this technology being included in nearly every new vehicle sold by 2025. Fixing these vehicles requires a complete overhaul of previous practices, safety measures and buy-in from customers and shop personnel alike. Panelists will discuss the evolution of ADAS, current trends and critical measures that must be undertaken NOW to prepare for the future.

OEM Certification Success: Do’s and Don’ts
Presented by: Dave Gruskos (Reliable Automotive Equipment)
*Attendees of this class will receive a certificate good toward renewal of your NJ Auto Body License.*

A collision repair facility’s success is dependent upon a number of factors, but for TODAY’s collision repair facilities, OEM certification programs are a must if you want to stand above the shop down the street. Dave Gruskos of Reliable Automotive Equipments details the ins and outs of becoming and staying certified. The technology is evolving every day. If you want to continue to be successful, you cannot fall behind.

Topics to be discussed include:
• Establishing and maintaining partnerships with the OEMs and sponsoring dealers
• Tools and equipment specifications
• The role of the customer
• The Who, When, Where, How and HOW Much?! of training
• Blueprinting for repairs
• Repair procedures: Every process, every time and more!

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All attendees must have a valid NORTHEAST badge. Seating is first-come, first-served.


Structural Holding for Collision Repair

Presented by: Craig Totten (Global Jig & Chief Automotive)

LOCATION: BOOTH #419 (Collision Equipment Consulting booth)
This exclusive, free in-booth seminar will focus on how changes in modern vehicle design and construction have affected the structural holding requirements when anchoring a vehicle for structural pulls or parts replacement.
All attendees must have a valid NORTHEAST badge and pre-registration is required – CLICK HERE to register for this free session.
Seating is first-come, first-served.



Welding for Modern Day Collision Repair

Presented by: Craig Totten (Global Jig & Chief Automotive)

LOCATION: BOOTH #419 (Collision Equipment Consulting booth)
This exclusive in-booth seminar will discuss the challenges that collision repair technicians face when doing welding operations on modern vehicles of both steel and aluminum construction, and focus on ways to effectively deal with these challenges.

All attendees must have a valid NORTHEAST badge and pre-registration is required – CLICK HERE to register for this free session.
Seating is first-come, first-served.


Basic Investing Options for Shop Owners

Presented by: Susan Portnoi (Mercer Advisors)
Class registration is not required but all attendees must have a valid NORTHEAST badge. Seating is first-come, first-served.

You’re in business, and you’re making money. Now what???

This discussion will provide an introduction to building wealth with a goal of financial independence, covering the importance of creating a financial plan as the starting point and road map towards this goal. Many people have achieved success in their careers or businesses and have devoted time to excel in that area, but have not devoted time to mastering their own finances. This discussion is intended to provide an overview of principles which, if followed, can lead to improved cash management to enable you to keep more of what you earn. Topics will include cash flow, retirement savings, income tax planning, and investments.

Susan Portnoi is a Senior Wealth Advisor at Mercer Advisors, which is a national registered investment advisory (RIA) firm managing over $38 billion of assets. In addition to providing investment advisory services, her areas of expertise include comprehensive financial and cash flow planning, which incorporates income tax planning, estate planning, and risk management services. Her client base is primarily comprised of small business owners, executives (due to her deep knowledge of executive compensation and benefit plans), professionals, and retirees.