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FRIDAY, MARCH 17 (show hours: 5pm-10pm)

ADAS Procedures: Getting Paid For What’s Needed
Presented by Chuck Olsen (AirPro Diagnostics)

AirPro Diagnostics’ Chuck Olsen will kick off the 2023 NORTHEAST education slate with an eye-opening presentation that will guide attendees on how to identify and accurately address the following:

• The differences between scanning, diagnostics and calibrations related to ADAS systems.
• The differences between an ADAS related repair and an ADAS Calibration;
• Different calibrations for different systems;
• When and why more than one calibration will be needed; and
• How basic repairs have changed, and how that affects all of this! 

Overcoming Insurer Objections to Payment for Needed Repair Procedures
Presented by Tim Ronak (AkzoNobel)

Along with the rapidly evolving construction, safety and ADAS technology embedded within modern cars, new operations needing unheard of new procedures are confusing the billing process. This increased technology is requiring more time and tooling to restore and confirm that the consumer’s vehicle functions the same in the next collision event as it did in the one that created the loss. In an environment of cost containment, these new procedures are getting significant push back from those that reimburse consumers for their loss. How do you overcome those objections?

Presentation Agenda:
1. What are typical insurers required to do to settle a loss?
2. Insurer objections when requesting rates or procedures
3. The general categories of insurer objections
4. Dispute Resolution: What are my customer’s options?

SCRS Blend Study Results: What’s Next?
Presented by Aaron Schulenburg (SCRS Executive Director); John Shoemaker (BASF); Tim Ronak (AkzoNobel); Ron Reichen (Precision Body & Paint)

SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg will be on hand with industry experts John Shoemaker, Tim Ronak and Ron Reichen to take a deeper dive into the study’s influence in 2023 and beyond.

Bulletproof Negotiation Tactics
Presented by Mike Anderson (Collision Advice) & Danny Gredinberg (Database Enhancement Gateway)

Forget everything you thought you knew about communicating what you need to perform a repair! In this newly built session, Mike Anderson and Danny Gredinberg explore the fundamentals of creating the perfect platform to win any attempt to negotiate or rebuke repair plan necessities. Using real world examples, role-playing and repeatable steps in building documentation, use what you learn in this class to win over arguments with bill-payers and get paid for the work you perform.

SATURDAY, MARCH 18 (show hours: 10am-5pm)

Proper Pre-Repair Planning
Presented by Tim Morgan and Jeramy Holloway (Spanesi Americas)

Join Spanesi for a 1-hour discussion on improving the pre-repair process with proven methods to repair planning while capturing additional time and operations, improving cycle times and repair quality.

Topics for discussion include:
• Layout and Organization of Pre-Planning Area
• Proper Tooling
• Parts Holding and Storage
• Pre-Repair Scanning
• Pre-Repair Measuring
• Pre-Repair Preparation
• Pre-Repair to Repair Hand Off
• Questions and Answers

When an ADAS Calibration Fails
Presented by Dirk Fuchs & Bud Center (I-CAR)

Take a deep dive into ADAS technology, and learn some common reasons ADAS calibrations fail and how to respond with the proper diagnostic strategy. This presentation will also cover common ADAS and the sensors used in these systems. I-CAR has thoroughly researched this topic and covers it in its award-winning ADAS Hands-On Skills Development live training.

Supercharge your Business & Attract the Best Employees!
Presented by David Luehr (Elite Body Shop Solutions)

How collision repairers can solve their talent shortage problems by learning the 5 Key Elements of a Magnetic Business to supercharge their business!

It seems everyone these days is complaining about their business’ inability to attract and retain good employees… Well, not everyone! Dave Luehr has discovered ‘outlier’ businesses who don’t have any problem with the so-called talent shortage. Their secret?

During Supercharge Your Business, Dave Luehr will share the 5 Key Elements outlier businesses use to build a high-performance culture and become a talent magnet in their marketplace. During Dave’s entertaining presentation, the audience will self-score themselves in an educational game to see how attractive their business is now and how to improve it quickly in the future.

Attendees will learn these practical strategies:
• The 5 Key Elements you can incorporate into your business strategy right away.
• What younger entry-level employees are looking for in a long-term career.
• What experienced, high performers are looking for in employment.
• How to market your business effectively to the best workers.”

PANEL DISCUSSION: Slaying the Dragon: Manageable Actions for Shop Success
Panelists: Ron Reichen (Precision Body & Paint Inc.), Robert McDorman (Auto Claim Specialists), Lucky Papageorg (AASP/MA) , Charlie Bryant (AASP/NJ), Ken Miller (821 Collision); Moderated by Joel Gausten

As a business owner or manager, the challenges you face can seem insurmountable at times. But help is on the way! This roundtable discussion featuring representatives from several different sectors of the industry will lend insight into how to tackle difficulties in your shop and finally “slay the dragon” through implementation of small, yet critical, key philosophies and business practices. Attendees will leave this session inspired, armed with tools to begin making consistent actionable progress toward success.

Be Extraordinary!
Presented by Mike Anderson (Collision Advice)

In today’s collision repair industry, it is no longer enough to just be average. You have to be extraordinary!

You have to be extraordinary and deliver not just great customer service, but an extraordinary customer experience. You must be extraordinary and build a culture where people want to be a part of your organization, to put in the effort and to deliver extraordinary quality. You have to be extraordinary in your researching of OE repair procedures, so that you are delivering a verifiable, safe and proper repair. You have to be extraordinary by staying abreast of the new developments in the collision repair industry, including changes to OE certification programs, new technologies in vehicles, and new trends affecting repairers. Remember, being average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top. So be extraordinary!

Panel Discussion: What Does it Take to Be a Shop of the Future?
Panelists: Ron Reichen (Precision Body & Paint Inc.), John Shoemaker (BASF), Mike Anderson (Collision Advice), David Luehr (Elite Body Shop Solutions), Jerry McNee (Ultimate Collision Repair), Dirk Fuchs & Bud Center (I-CAR), Michael Bonsanto (Passaic County Technical Institute Vo-Tech), Robert McDorman (Auto Claim Specialists), Frank Terlep (OPUS IVS); Moderated by Joel Gausten

Unibody. Waterborne paint. DRP. Aluminum. OEM certification. EV. ADAS. AI. Consolidation. The buzzwords evolve, but the theme remains – to be a successful shop, you need to consistently stay on top of what’s new, and what’s next. But what does it take in 2023 to be a true “shop of the future”? NORTHEAST welcomes panelists from across the industry and the country to discuss ideas, information and predictions that any modern shop will need to know in order to remain successful not only now, but for years to come.

SUNDAY, MARCH 19 (show hours: 10am-3pm)

EV Intake Process and High Voltage Battery Handling 
Presented by Dirk Fuchs & Bud Center (I-CAR)

Prepare yourself to work on electric vehicles with an overview from I-CAR’s EV experts on the most important things you need to understand about this new technology. Information on the EV intake process will be presented to help keep you safe and avoid thermal runaways. Proper High Voltage battery handling and storage also will be covered. To continue your education, I-CAR experts will direct you to additional EV information sources.

Own Your Calibrations
Presented by Josh McFarlin (AirPro Diagnostics)

In this seminar you will learn how you can make more profit and keep better control of your cycle time by keeping ADAS calibrations in house. From radar recalibrations after a bumper repair to cost effective static and dynamic calibration solutions. We will discuss the pros, cons, and cost considerations for multiple approaches.

*Schedule subject to change.

Attendees must have a valid NORTHEAST badge ID to register for seminars. Class registration will open January 25!


*All attendees must have a valid NORTHEAST badge.


9am – 10am
Active Measuring, Concepts & Principles
Presented by Jim Wrigly, Regional Manager/Trainer for Chief Collision Technologies @ Collision Equipment Consulting Co. Booth 419

Key learning activities include:
• Define computerized measuring and explore Chief’s measuring workstation.
• Name the workstation system components and discuss the setup and preparation required to use this technology.
• Analyze computerized measuring procedures and discover the importance of following proper procedures.
• Explain collision theory and the three-section principle and show how to apply this information to determine possible structural misalignment
• Outline the basics principles of measuring and list the three measuring dimensions
• Define the sequence of checking for structural damage and understand build tolerances
• Utilizing computer software, you will analyze and complete web-based measuring assignments
• Outline troubleshooting, care, and maintenance processes to improve productivity

9am – 10am
Go Big or Go Home: The Basics on the Future of EVs in Your Shop
Presented by Dave Gruskos, Reliable Automotive Equipment @ Reliable
Booth 235
Industry expert Dave Gruskos provides an overview of what shops can expect and plan for when considering EV repair in their facility.


9am – 10am
Advanced Steering & Suspension Analysis 
Presented by Jim Wrigly, Regional Manager/Trainer for Chief Collision Technologies @ Collision Equipment Consulting Co. Booth 419

Key learning activities include:
• Illustrate and explain the purpose of steering and suspension systems
• Explain the different types of suspension systems.
• Illustrate steering and wheel geometry and angles, explaining how they affect drivability, handling, and safety.
• Demonstrate how weight distribution and drivetrain alignment impact steering and suspension.
• Apply measuring theory and structural measurements as a troubleshooting technique.
• Understand and interpret an alignment report.
• Apply diagnostic angles as a troubleshooting resource to determine bent, damaged, or worn components.
• Perform hands-on troubleshooting
• Explain how to use troubleshooting flow charts to determine the course of repair action.

Inside the Appraisal Clause
Presented by Robert McDorman (Auto Claim Specialists) & Jerry McNee (Ultimate Collision Repair)
Location: NORTHEAST Seminar Area

Invoking the Appraisal Clause (or Right to Appraisal) can be an extremely effective shop resource to help your customer service while resolving disputes in a fair, efficient manner. Before taking the plunge and getting in over your head, however, sit in on our special FREE bonus session with industry expert Robert McDorman (Auto Claims Specialists/Vehicle Value Experts) to learn if RTA is right for your shop.